Paradise Map 6

Hey ChaosCraft,

I am very excited to announce Map #6 of our Paradise Realm launching SATURDAY (2/13/21) at 3 PM EST!

💰  Weekly PayPal Payouts
1. $240 PayPal + $50 Coupon
2. $80 PayPal + $35 Coupon
3. $35 PayPal + $15 Coupon

🔗 Economy
Click here to view the latest economy.

NOTE: Selling sugar cane will be bumped to $40/per cane!

New Features
PvP Update - use /focus <IGN> to allow you and your islands members to be able to target specific players during PvP!

Chaos Roulette - when doing /roulette in-game, you'll have the chance to double the amount of spawners or keys you have! Be careful, you also have a chance at losing the item.

You'll see we have two options available to all players - 1. being "Reroll Spawner" which anyone can do, but the second option - 2. "Try Your Luck" requires a paid ticket that can be purchased over on our store for $5.00 USD. The second option ensures that you will leave with a prize!

Map Hunt - when you see the hunt announcement in-game, make sure to run the command /map to get the coordinates and start hunting. First to find the chest wins the event!

Our Staff team will be online to host events. Enjoy playing! 🎧

Want more? Be sure to check out our latest Tweet here. Turn on notifications for a giveaway tomorrow! 🎉