Paradise Map 2 Release

Hey everybody, we’re very excited to announce Map #2 of our Paradise Realm (played by VintageBeef) which launched last Saturday.
Here’s a few of the standout features -

Mobs 💀

Mob Armor Kill mobs for a chance to drop Mob Skulls, which may be crafted into Infused Mob Skulls, which then may be crafted into Mob Armor in /mobarmor.
Each different type of mob armor (which is unbreakable and equivalent to Protection V Diamond armor) has a unique set of abilities/potion effects, and when wearing a full matching set, a special ability is unlocked.

Additionally Infused Mob Skulls may be crafted into Spawner Boosters which upon activation will double the spawn rates of a certain mob type for 5 minutes.

Events 🏝️

New Events: Spleef & Parkour With the implementation of a custom event management system, any staff member is now able to host either of our brand new events Spleef or Parkour with ease! From now on staff will be hosting these pretty much whenever they want, maybe ask politely if you'd like to play :)

Mini Edits ⚒️

• Obtain an Tool Rename Voucher from crates or the donation store which may be used to rename any item

• Obtain a StatTrak Voucher from crates or the donation store which may be applied on any tool to permanently display its use count in the display name

• Swapped the /ah plugin with an improved custom version that's currently on Fantasy

• Added a new Legendary custom enchantment called "Wrath" which grants a chance to summon lightning upon nearby enemies

• Implemented per mob type spawn rate modifiers, as outlined on the following economy spreadsheet

Economy 💰

To find view our latest economy sheet click here.

Happy playing!