Paradise: What's new?

  • Inferno S1 Week 3 this Saturday. Connect using: New Giveaway on Twitter.
Hey everyone,

welcome to our latest Paradise realm, in partnership with JeromeASF. Here's what's new.

- Typing [warp] in chat will prompt a clickable button that allows others to easily visit your island
- Adjusted the cost & effectiveness of harvester hoe enchantments
- All players now start with a harvester hoe
- Harvester hoes no longer contain the "auto sell" custom enchantment by default
- Fixed multiple custom enchantments
- Nerfed the blindness & rebotn custom enchantments
- Many miscellaneous bug fixes
- Added a "JeromeASF" monthly crate
- Reduced the price of robots, void chests, and monthly crates at our store
- Swapped the old titles plugin with a new "tags" plugin. You can equip tags unlocked in crates & the donor store using /tags
- Reborn custom enchantments
- Added an infinite water bucket to /mobshop

Dungeons Update
Our most substantial addition "Dungeons" will be implemented in a few days time.

Cash Payouts
ChaosCraft team sizes and payouts remain exactly the same as they were on Inferno.

If you'd like to connect, apply to the IP Address box when adding a Multiplayer server.
For other support and events, please join our Discord server.