Official Server Rules

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Jun 15, 2020
Official Server Rules


Unfair advantage (Blacklisted Modifications)

- 1st Offense - Permanent Ban

Scamming: (Ingame scamming is allowed, although buycraft scamming is not.)
- 1. If the player scammed Buycraft gets charged back on, they do not have to repay the value charged back. They will simply have the rank/item removed.
- 2. The player who charged back is to be banned permanently.
- 3. The player who traded in game items will receive their items back.

Buycraft Scamming
- 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Botting/Scripting/Automated Work/etc
- 1st Offense: 3d IP Ban
- 2nd Offense: Perm IP Ban

Exploiting and Glitching
- 1st Offense - staff discretion

Use of an Autoclicker/Macro/Modified Mouse
- 1st Offense: 30d Ban
- 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Mute & Ban evasion
- Mute Evasion 1st Offense: Ban for length of Mute
- Mute Evasion 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban
- Ban Evasion 1st Offense: Perm IP Ban

IRL Trading
- 1st Offense - 14d Ban
- 2nd Offense - Permanent Ban

Teaming in Koth/Warzone
- 1st Offense: 1d Ban
- 2nd Offense: 3d Ban
- 3rd Offense: 7d Ban

Player Trapping
- 1st Offense: 1 day Ban
- 2nd Offense : 3 day Ban
- 3rd Offense: 7 day Ban

Cobble monstering
- 1st Offense - 1 week Ban
- 2nd Offense - 2 week Ban
- 3rd Offense - Admin discretion

Abuse of the F11 Glitch
- 1st Offense: 12 hour Ban
- 2nd Offense: 1 day Ban
- 3rd Offense: 3 day Ban

Payout Boosting
- Admin discretion, contact admin with proof

Alt Islands
- Admin discretion, contact admin with proof

Bigotry & Hate speech
- 1st Offense: 6h Mute
- 2nd Offense: 12h Mute
- 3rd Offense: 1d Mute
- 4th Offense: 1d Ban
- 5th Offense: 7d Ban

- 1st Offense - Permanent IP Ban

Dox Threats / DDoS Threats / SWAT threats
- 1st Offense - Permanent IP Ban

Death threats
- 1st Offense - 12 hour Mute
- 2nd Offense - 24 hour Mute
- 3rd Offense - 3d Mute

Chat spam
- 1st Offense - Warning
- 2nd Offense - 1 hour Mute
- 3rd Offense - 1d Mute
- 4th Offense - 3d Mute
- 5th Offense - 7d Mute

Suspicious / Inappropriate links
- Inappropriate link; 1st Offense: 7d Ban
- Inappropriate link; 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban
- Suspicious link; 1st Offense: Perm IP Ban (If involving doxing/ddosing, blacklist)

Staff Disrespect
- Staff Discretion

EXCESSIVE Cursing/Toxicity Towards Other Players
- 1st Offense: Verbal warning
- 2nd Offense: 15 minute Mute
- 3rd Offense 30 minute Mute

- 1st Offense: Major Inside 30 day Ban - (Major Insiding is when the island that was insided is on istop page 1)
- 1st Offense: Minor Inside 14 day Ban - (Minor insiding is when the island that was insided isn’t on istop page 1)
- 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

(Merging islands to gain more island value on the skyblock realm is absolutely not permitted. This means you cannot join an island and take any spawners/money with you that was placed or obtained from your original island. This includes selling your value to the other island just before joining.)

- 1st Offense: 7 day Ban, removal of merge value and 1 week disqualification
- 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban and island disbanded.
- Also, can be management discretion.

Alt Islands
- 1st Offense: Disqualification for that weeks payout, 7 day Ban for all involved and removal of alt island.
- 2nd Offense: Disqualification for remainder of map, 21 day Ban for all involved, removal of alt island.

Island Value Trade Validation
Islands/players involved in trading Island value that affects the Island top payouts must create a ticket on the Chaos Craft discord to be reviewed Jr Administrator+. If an Island is caught doing deals that are not approved by an Jr. Administrator+, they will automatically be disqualified from that week's payout. The illegal value in this situation will not be refunded to the original Island/player.

- 1st Offense: 1 Week DQ
- 2nd Offense: 2 Week DQ
- 3rd Offense: Island Disband

Island Rotation
All Offenses: Rotated Members Removed from the island
- 1st Offense: 1 Week DQ
- 2nd Offense: 2 Week DQ
- 3rd Offense: Island Disband

Charging Back:
Admin Discretion

Account Sharing:

- 1st Offense: Perm Ban

Failure to screenshare/Editing evidence, etc.
- 1st Offense: Perm Ban

Allowed Modifications:
  • [*]Forge
    [*]Memory Fix
    [*]MiniMap (As long as it doesn’t show players or chests).
    [*]Neat Mod
    [*]OCMC Client
    [*]Pixel Client
    [*]PvPLounge Client
    [*]PodCrash Client
    [*]Potion Status HUD
    [*]Armor Status HUD
    [*]Badlion Client
    [*]Replay Mod
    [*]Coordinate Modifications
    [*]Cosmic Client
    [*]Damage Indicators
    [*]Schematica (PRINTER IS NOT ALLOWED)
    [*]Sidebar Mod
    [*]DJTasty Mod
    [*]Simple Sprint Mod
    [*]Togglechat, Toggle Sneak & Toggle Sprint
    [*]Combo Counter Display Mod
    [*]Zonix Client
    [*]Direction HUD
    [*]TabbyChat/Fast Chat
    [*]Direction HUD
    [*]Knockback Display Mod
    [*]Reach Circles
    [*]Reach Display Mod
    [*]Discord & Teamspeak Mod
    [*]Chatlog Mod
    [*]Player API
    [*]FPS Spoofer Mod
    [*]Batty Coords Mod
    [*]Spotify Mod
    [*]Saturation Display
    [*]Pearl Timer
    [*]Skin Changer
    [*]ChatTime Mod
    [*]Custom Block Overlay
    [*]Ping Mod
    [*]Hotbar Mod
    [*]DayNight Mod
    [*]Scoreboard Mod
    [*]Better Hat Mod
    [*]Chunk Loader
    [*]Resource Pack Mod
    [*]Chunk Borders
    [*]Particles Modification
    [*]Health Indicators
    [*]Glint Colorizer
    [*]BetterScreenshot Mod
    [*]LabyTwitter & LabyInstagram
    [*]Better FOV Control
    [*]JustPvp Mod Pack
    [*]Hyperium Client
    [*]Just Enough Items
    [*]Lunar Client

    These rules are subject to change. Context may make the rules vary.
    If you feel like you have been punished unaccordingly, follow this format here and appeal

    Thank you and have a great time at ChaosCraft!
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