• Inferno S1 Week 3 this Saturday. Connect using: play.chaoscraft.org New Giveaway on Twitter.

Inferno Season 1, Map 3

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The time is ticking. 👑
Our most anticipated Week yet begins Saturday.

• Skyblock team islands
• $300+ in Weekly payouts
• Dozens of improvements

We'll be hosting a HUGE event on Saturday, as well as a flash sale.

Take advantage of the giveaway below to win a Titan rank.

Inferno is out now.

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Good morning,

Begin your journey on Chaos. Play in teams, or solo with our revamped deck of cards and features.
🍰 Play alongside PainfulPvP, Alxton, RageElixir & many more.

The events agenda for Skyblock Inferno today is as follows:

👑 KOTH — 12:00pm EST
🗝 Key-all — 3:00pm EST
🌙 KOTH — 4:00pm EST

Enter the Giveaway for a chance to obtain some high-key items:


Official Server Rules

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Official Server Rules


Unfair advantage (Blacklisted Modifications)

- 1st Offense - Permanent Ban

Scamming: (Ingame scamming is allowed, although buycraft scamming is not.)
- 1. If the player scammed Buycraft gets charged back on, they do not have to repay the value charged back. They will simply have the rank/item removed.
- 2. The player who charged back is to be banned permanently.
- 3. The player who traded in game items will receive their items back.

Buycraft Scamming
- 1st Offense: Permanent Ban

Botting/Scripting/Automated Work/etc
- 1st Offense: 3d IP Ban
- 2nd Offense: Perm IP Ban

Exploiting and Glitching
- 1st Offense - staff discretion

Use of an Autoclicker/Macro/Modified Mouse
- 1st Offense: 30d Ban
- 2nd Offense: Permanent Ban

Mute & Ban evasion
- Mute Evasion 1st Offense: Ban for length of Mute
- Mute Evasion 2nd...


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5 hours remain.

Countdown - https://itsalmo.st/inferno-hfjd

Inferno Countdown

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We're almost there.

Inferno: Opening July 11th.

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So, you’ve followed Chaos, and you might be playing. Let’s dive into the details.
Here’s the agenda for release and events:

The Grand Opening - July 11th, 2:00pm EST
Key all - release +3 hours

🐲 Events

KOTHs will commence every 6-8 hours. Prepare your teams to dominate for major rewards.
Organised events, twice per week.

🍰 Payouts

ChaosCraft weekly payouts are as follows.

1. $240 PayPal + $50 Buycraft
2. $80 PayPal + $35 Buycraft
3. $35 PayPal + $15 Buycraft
4-6 $10 Buycraft 7-10 $5 Buycraft

Connect using play.chaoscraft.org 🐍