• Inferno S1 Week 3 this Saturday. Connect using: play.chaoscraft.org New Giveaway on Twitter.

Paradise: What's new?

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Hey everyone,

welcome to our latest Paradise realm, in partnership with JeromeASF. Here's what's new.

- Typing [warp] in chat will prompt a clickable button that allows others to easily visit your island
- Adjusted the cost & effectiveness of harvester hoe enchantments
- All players now start with a harvester hoe
- Harvester hoes no longer contain the "auto sell" custom enchantment by default
- Fixed multiple custom enchantments
- Nerfed the blindness & rebotn custom enchantments
- Many miscellaneous bug fixes
- Added a "JeromeASF" monthly crate
- Reduced the price of robots, void chests, and monthly crates at our store
- Swapped the old titles plugin with a new "tags" plugin. You can equip tags unlocked in crates & the donor store using /tags
- Reborn custom enchantments
- Added an infinite water bucket to /mobshop

Dungeons Update
Our most substantial addition "Dungeons" will be implemented in a few days time.

Cash Payouts
ChaosCraft team sizes...

Introducing: Paradise

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Hey everyone,

Paradise releases later this Saturday.

• All current ranks will be transferred
• New patches
• Fresh updates

We'd like to welcome the new face to the server, JeromeASF.
An information announcement will be posted on our Forums on Sunday.

Paradise Loading...


Inferno Season 1, Map 3

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The time is ticking. 👑
Our most anticipated Week yet begins Saturday.

• Skyblock team islands
• $300+ in Weekly payouts
• Dozens of improvements

We'll be hosting a HUGE event on Saturday, as well as a flash sale.

Take advantage of the giveaway below to win a Titan rank.

Inferno is out now.

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Good morning,

Begin your journey on Chaos. Play in teams, or solo with our revamped deck of cards and features.
🍰 Play alongside PainfulPvP, Alxton, RageElixir & many more.

The events agenda for Skyblock Inferno today is as follows:

👑 KOTH — 12:00pm EST
🗝 Key-all — 3:00pm EST
🌙 KOTH — 4:00pm EST

Enter the Giveaway for a chance to obtain some high-key items:


Official Server Rules

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Official Server Rules
Updated: 8/20/20

Rules (May be subject to change, always under admin discretion. Staff have final say.):

Do Not Spam/Promoting Spam:

Repeating the same phrases, flooding the chat, repeat or random characters (such as in making designs), excessive caps, bypassing chat lock, writing gibberish or a collection of letters for the purposes of annoying others are all examples of spam as it pertains to this rule. This includes TPA Spam, private message spam, island join spam, showing off titles in chat and the like. Spam is defined as 3 messages in a short period of time with the same contents or 3 messages in a default Minecraft chat box. Voucher spamming is also included in this rule.

1st Offence: Global Warning
2nd Offence: 1 Hour Temporary Mute
3rd Offence: 1 Day Temporary Ban
4th Offence: 3 Day Temporary Ban
5th Offence: 5 Day Temporary Ban

Inappropriate Skin:
Inappropriate skins, capes, or...


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5 hours remain.

Countdown - https://itsalmo.st/inferno-hfjd

Inferno Countdown

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We're almost there.

Inferno Countdown

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You have the info.
Now we wait.

<iframe width="400" height="450" src="https://itsalmo.st/embed/chaoscraft-inferno-z5xi" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border: 1px solid #DBD8D7;" ></iframe>

Inferno: Opening July 11th.

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So, you’ve followed Chaos, and you might be playing. Let’s dive into the details.
Here’s the agenda for release and events:

The Grand Opening - July 11th, 2:00pm EST
Key all - release +3 hours

🐲 Events

KOTHs will commence every 6-8 hours. Prepare your teams to dominate for major rewards.
Organised events, twice per week.

🍰 Payouts

ChaosCraft weekly payouts are as follows.

1. $240 PayPal + $50 Buycraft
2. $80 PayPal + $35 Buycraft
3. $35 PayPal + $15 Buycraft
4-6 $10 Buycraft 7-10 $5 Buycraft

Connect using play.chaoscraft.org 🐍