Fantasy Realm Release

Greetings ChaosCraft!

It's confirmed, the Fantasy Realm will be releasing today at 3 PM EST! As mentioned earlier today this realm will be played by iJevin so please make sure to give him a warm welcome!

Fantasy Realms Payout:

• #1 — $240 PayPal + $50 Buycraft

• #2 — $80 PayPal + $35 Buycraft

• #3 — $35 PayPal + $15 Buycraft

• #4 to 6 — $10 Buycraft

• #7 to 10 — $5 Buycraft


The economy for this seasons of Chaos Fantasy can be found below:


New Content:


• Progress solo or with a team through the various increasingly difficult dungeon floors to earn Soul Coins which may be spent on very powerful gear in the /soulshop. For more info check out /warp dungeons.


• Undertake over 100 unique challenges for OP rewards in /pass! Additionally users may unlock the ChaosPass at ($15 USD) to receive much better rewards. (passes will expire after 1 map)

Feature Additions

• Outpost - capture & defend the outpost located at /warp outpost with your island members to earn a stackable 1.3x MobCoin multiplier!

• Tree Farm - chop logs at our infinitely regenerating tree farm located at /warp treefarm for cash!

• One block Skyblock - perfect for those who prefer an extra challenge, this new island type available in /is new contains just one regenerating block to work with

New Custom Enchantments

• Lumberjack - increases McMMO woodcutting EXP received

• Coin Collector - unlocks a permanent MobCoin multiplier when killing mobs

• Stack Destroyer - unlocks the ability to destroy the entire stack of mobs in 1 hit a certain percentage of the time

New Economy

• Increased the max amount of blocks that a mining robot is able to destroy per cycle

• Reduced all VoidChest sell intervals

• Added an infinite lava bucket to /mobshop

• Increased the cost of both generator types

• Added a limit of 4 generators (total) per island

• Nerfed Robot looting effects

• Buffed mob drops from swords

New Island Upgrades

• Spawner Luck - unlocks a chance to spawn double mobs 1% to 4% of the time • Loot Bonus - unlocks a chance for mobs to drop 2x drops 1% to 4% of the time • Generator Limit - unlocks the ability to increase the max amount of generators allowed per island by 1 to 4

Miscellaneous Changes

• All harvester hoes received from crates will now contain the Auto Sell enchantment


Our team has been working everyday to produce one of the best Skyblock experiences! We'd like to thank every single player that comes on the server and supports us on a day to day basis, we wouldn't be the network we are without you all! As a way to show our appreciation we will be hosting a 30% SALE that starts TODAY and will end on Monday at 11:59 PM EST. Use the sale while you can.

-Chaos Management