Fantasy Map 6

Introducing the next step in an ongoing mythical journey. Map 6 is finally here, releasing at 3:00pm EST today. 🐉

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What to Expect 🎉

Try your luck with the all new /roulette command. Premium tickets are now live on our store. Narrow down what you win with a choice of Spawners or Keys!

Early preview

Map 6 Economy 🔍

Click here to preview the economy we're running for this Fantasy map. As a team leader, open a Discord ticket if you have specific questions.

Join the Competition 🤑

As usual, more than $300 in PayPal Prizes are available for the winners!
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And Finally..

Treat yourself to something special this weekend. In celebration of this release, we're excited to be hosting a 30% off store-wide sale, ending on Monday at 11:59pm EST.

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