Asgard Realm Map 1

Hi everyone, we are very excited to announce the all new Asgard Realm (played by JeromeASF & AtlanticCraft) launching this Saturday at 3 PM EST. ☃️

Miscellaneous Changes

• Added Silverfish spawners all throughout the warzone
• Increased the cost of Robot Keys to 25k MobCoins each
• Increased the amount of Infused Mob Skulls required to craft Mob Armor to 30 each
• Reduced the sell price of Sugarcane by 25%

Weekly PayPal Payouts

$240 PayPal + $50 Coupon
$80 PayPal + $35 Coupon
$35 PayPal + $15 Coupon

Click here to view the economy.

Youtube Channels

Happy playing! 💖